Labour candidates show their support for WRC

Three of the four candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party have been showing their support for White Ribbon Campaign.

Left image: Jeremy Corbyn MP; Middle image: Yvette Cooper MP, picutred with Ikram Butt (far left) and Chris Green (far right); Right image: Andy Burnham MP alongside Ikram Butt



Most men are not violent towards women, but many of us ignore the problem, or see it as something which doesn't have anything to do with us. We need to join women and women's organisations in taking action to end the problem.

Take a stand against violence now and sign our personal pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about men's violence against women.

You can pledge your support by clicking the link below.


Joshua Nathan, StudentWhen incidents of violence occur, there is never just one victim. Whole communities are affected by rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. Men and women support and depend on each other, and if women cannot live a full and happy life, neither can men.
Joshua Nathan, Student
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70% of incidents of domestic violence in the UK result in injury, (compared with 50% of incidents of acquaintance violence, 48% of stranger violence and 29% of mugging).

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