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The Government has a range of initiatives to tackle violence against women, and many local authorities treat it as a priority concern.

"No woman should live in fear of violence, and every girl should grow up knowing she is safe, so that she can have the best start in life." - Theresa May.

However there are still serious gaps in the provision of services to women who have faced violence and a lot more work to be done on awareness raising and prevention.

Our elected representatives need to hear that we want them to act to end violence against women.

Email your MPs and Councillors and ask them to sign the White Ribbon pledge and to do everything within their powers to eliminate violence against women. You can also ask if their local council is working towards becoming a White Ribbon Authority, or if there are any men who would be interested in becoming a WRC Ambassador.

To check if they are already accredited, check our list of White Ribbon Accreditations.

You can find addresses of MPs and councillors online

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"Wear a White Ribbon"- A Blog from an Ambassador

“I feel passionately that men need to be involved in ‘calling out’ threats, intimidation and violence by men on women and girls wherever we see it. It’s important for men to be part of the conversation about what’s not acceptable in relationships, in a bar, on the street, in the workplace or online.”


In an inspiring blog post, family lawyer Adam Moghadas, explains why he is an Ambassador for White Ribbon UK.



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At least 80,000 women suffer rape every year in the UK

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