Other Ideas?

Your skills, imagination and time are the only limits!

Giant white ribbon on public buildings, Celebrity pledges, Men's High Heel walks.

For a list of over 30 ideas which have worked look at the Resources Page. For many of these activities we have pre prepared leaflets, posters and equipment to help you organise.

Tell us about your ideas for raising awareness, getting men and boys involved and promoting the campaign. And send us photos, video clips and reports to share with others.

For inspiration you might like to look at other events and activities which have been organised by men around the world.




"Wear a White Ribbon"- A Blog from an Ambassador

“I feel passionately that men need to be involved in ‘calling out’ threats, intimidation and violence by men on women and girls wherever we see it. It’s important for men to be part of the conversation about what’s not acceptable in relationships, in a bar, on the street, in the workplace or online.”


In an inspiring blog post, family lawyer Adam Moghadas, explains why he is an Ambassador for White Ribbon UK.


Michael Flood UK Visit!

We were lucky enough to have Professor Michael Flood as one of our speakers at our second All Party Parliamentary Group, and to have him facilitate a workshop on building partnerships in engaging men in gender equality. Michael is a world renowned researcher on engaging men in violence prevention, and his visits to the UK are rare. We were also really excited to have Sam Smethers speaking - a strong advocate for engaging men in gender equality initiatives, and CEO of the Fa


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Domestic violence in the UK is estimated to cost victims, services and the state a total of around £23 billion a year.

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