Raise awareness in your community

White Ribbon Campaign works through people spreading the word at a local level. There are a wide range of ways in which you could highlight the campaign and the issue of violence against women in your community. Pick one (or come up with your own) and let us know how it goes.

  • Invite local celebrities to support the campaign. You could contact the local football team, the Mayor, or any other well-known men in your area.
  • Work with the local media. Invite them to a stunt, event, local campaign launch or photo shoot with an official or celebrity wearing a white ribbon.
  • Invite a guest speaker on violence against women (such as a representative of a local women's organisation) to speak at a club or group you are part of.
  • Give a talk yourself about the White Ribbon campaign somewhere in your community – your local school, faith group, youth group, workplace etc. We can provide you with materials and a suggested format.
  • Plan an activity involving men for the next 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence (25th November - 10th December)
  • Organise a stall in your local library
  • Organise a fund-raising event and donate the money to your local women's organisation. You could try a sponsored run or cycle ride
  • Show a film or a series of films on violence against women. Some film ideas

Further information

Get inspired by creative attention-grabbing ideas other men have used for example:

These Heels were made for Walking.  A one mile high heeled walk involving men across the community to draw attention to rape, violence against women, sexual assault and raise funds. WRC UK has graphics, leaflets, and even shoes for hire

The Clothes line Project . A very visual and moving event can be provided by offering people t-shirts to design with slogans and messages about violence against women, and then displaying them all. WRC UK can supply a kit with everything you need (see Shop page)

Hand Print Kit A well proved resource suitable for outdoor or indoor events. All you need to provide is a table

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The White Ribbon Team

"Wear a White Ribbon"- A Blog from an Ambassador

“I feel passionately that men need to be involved in ‘calling out’ threats, intimidation and violence by men on women and girls wherever we see it. It’s important for men to be part of the conversation about what’s not acceptable in relationships, in a bar, on the street, in the workplace or online.”


In an inspiring blog post, family lawyer Adam Moghadas, explains why he is an Ambassador for White Ribbon UK.



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At least 32% of children, mostly girls, experience some form of child sexual abuse.

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